About Us

I started my building obsession from a very early age. I worked with my grandfather and father every weekend and school holidays for as long as I can remember. I have three sisters so anything to get me out of the house.

I was happy to work with my father and his workmates from 12 years of age gaining a strong work ethic with like minded mentors. I have not had a need to advertise as I have built a strong reputation in the industry and pride myself in gaining work through a strong network. This website is a showcase of the work that I have carried out to promote my knowledge and skills to the Canberra and surrounding district residents who are looking for a quality house.

I started my apprenticeship doing maintenance and renovations to extremely old heritage houses. From this experience I learnt how to fix houses up before I learnt to build them. I went on to work for one of the biggest builders in Wagga and completed my apprenticeship. It was a family run business of four employees where we did everything from start to finish.

I moved to Canberra and worked for a boutique builder doing high end houses. I was lucky enough to gain valuable experience from a boss who encouraged me to start my own business and put into practice everything I had learnt.

During my apprenticeship I was awarded my builder's licence but was wary of the responsibility of starting my own company. I continued to gain valuable experience doing contract carpentry for a number of well known builders in Canberra and was eventually offered my first job as a builder. It was an extension in Yarralumla. From there I started picking up more and more work via word of mouth and referrals thus leading to developing a successful building company in the ACT of which I am justly proud.

10 key facts about Capital Homes;

  1. Custom builds, hands on builder — on site with every trade, every day.
  2. Easily contactable and easy to talk too.
  3. Inform clients on how to spend their money wisely.
  4. Fixed price contracts.
  5. Professional finish to all surfaces.
  6. Long established relationship with trades.
  7. Very experienced builder with family background in the business.
  8. Involved in choosing appliances, floors and fittings, offering opinion and advice when required.
  9. Keep to schedules and timeframes and accommodate in-residence living while doing an extension.
  10. Support and advise on quotes, lending specialists, plans, architects, engineering, Council Development Applications, BASICS reports and legal requirements.